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    Eyeglass basics

    You would think that the availability of contact lenses and laser eye surgery would decrease the demand for eyeglasses, but eyeglasses are still extremely popular today. People choose to wear certain eyeglasses for all types of reasons. We will exam a few major reasons to incorporate eyeglasses into your daily life.  Read More

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    Special Purpose Eyewear

    Most people have one pair of glasses for everyday use, but in certain cases you may need to use a different pair of eyeglasses to better suit your needs.  Read More

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    Contact lenses for children

    When is the best time for your child to begin wearing contacts? This is a common question among parents that have children with vision problems. Children are physically able to begin wearing contacts at a young age.  Read More

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    Astigmatism and Contact Lenses

    People commonly make the mistake of believing that if they have astigmatism they are unable to wear contacts. Today there are many options for people with astigmatism, as it is a pretty common eye condition. People with astigmatism have eyes that are irregularly shaped, like a football or egg, which makes finding the correct contact lens a bit of a challenge.   Read More

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