See the Difference Quality Makes.

As a practice, the team at Nilsen Eye Care is here for our patients and our community. We have the experts to fit you in comfortable, stylish frames and lenses. But we do more.

Our guiding philosophy is that we exist to take care of our patients. To do this, we specialize in medical preventive care. Checking your prescription is important, but that is only one small part of the eye exam. Your eyes are an amazing window through which we can directly examine blood vessels and look for signs of vascular or neurological problems without surgery or other invasive tests. An eye exam provides insight into the body’s overall well-being. That is why we check blood pressure at annual exams. Furthermore, we offer digital retinal photography that is easy to do and provides a baseline for tracking your ocular and systemic health over the years.frames and lenses. But we also do much more.

We believe that everyone should have an eye exam every year as part of their medical preventive care program. The best way to remain in good health is to establish a base, track your health annually and catch potential conditions early. We work closely with many primary care doctors and pediatricians and encourage all of our patients to have annual check ups with their PCP's.

You never know: an eye exam may just save your life one day.

Close up view of the retina.

Eye photography allows your doctor to see your blood vessels in action, which provides valuable information about your cardiovascular health. Photography also establishes a base so your doctor can track changes in your eyes and get an early warning for any potential problems.

When was your last eye exam?

Your eye health plays a critical role in your overall health. It’s no exaggeration to say that an eye exam could save your life—and the sooner you establish your medical baseline, the better off you’ll be. We work with most insurance plans (medical and vision), so contact us today to schedule your next appointment.